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I was looking back through some of the older post and received a shock. I realized that I owe everyone who reads these posts an apology. I have been grossly negligent in my duty to you. To be honest my own lack of attentiveness has left me feeling dejected and remorseful.

What realization could possibly have had such a profound effect on me, the tower of all worthwhile knowledge? I realized that I neglected to enlighten you about the finest and most useful tool we use here, our Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispensers.

My only excuse is that I have become so used to them being used that I forgot about them. You have my sincerest apology for this oversight.


Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser

The Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispensers is the most versatile and well thought out piece of equipment in our shop, next to me.

At first glance they looks like simple pieces of molded hard plastic but once you have started using them you realize; you can’t judge these books by their covers.

They come in pairs and are:

  • Versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof
  • Reliable
  • Rugged
  • Easy to set up

I know that doesn’t tell you what makes them so special so here is a list of the uses that we put them to on a regular basis.

  • Wire Dispensing- I know this is a no brainer but I had to list it or someone would call me on it.
  • Pipe Vice- They make cutting conduit quick and easy. Just place the conduit in the V shaped notches and saw away.
  • Shelves (mini-workbench) – Just drive two nails or screws into any member and hang them up.
  • Stool- When a pair is snapped together they are plenty strong enough to support a man comfortably. No more squatting till your knees ache while wiring boxes.
  • Bench- Just take two sets and throw a piece off lumber across the top and you have a bench perfect for on-site lunch breaks or meetings. Need more support, just add another set in the middle. They are very strong.
  • Workbench- They even come with special pins the make it possible to lock them together vertically. This gives you the ability to put together a comfortable, waist high work bench anywhere you need to.
  • Picnic Setup- I love to surprise my guys by coming by worksites around lunchtime and bringing them a hot meal. Eating family style creates a relaxed atmosphere and is a real morale booster. Just take your Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser work bench and put a couple of Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser benches on each side; instant Picnic Table.


It is hard to imagine a better engineered product than the Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser. When locked together they take up next to no room so they are convenient to carry in your van. They are the ultimate wire dispensers, being able to hold multiple rolls of various sizes. They are strong and rugged, meaning they will last you a lifetime. They have so many uses outside of their original intended purpose that they quickly become indispensable.

If you love multi purposed tools as much as I do. You owe it to yourself and your people to have several sets around. You won’t believe how handy they are. I have even given a few as gifts to plumber friends of mine, who love them.

If you come up with new uses for these handy tools please passes them along to the rest of us.

Until next time, keep the coffee hot, the beer cold and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

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