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A good top hat can do a lot of things. Look no further than President Abraham Lincoln, whose trusty stove-pipe hat gave him a look that was definitely presidential and stately. You can stand above your peers, look good at a party, or even hide a lot of electrical wiring under a good top hat. Did that last one throw you off?

Well, the Top Hat is a new product from Rack-A-Tiers that borrows the name of the famous head cap. With the Top Hat you get greater volume wire cover compared to the standard cover plate when you’re completing a job. Forget cramming all those wires back into the ceiling panels. This box extension makes it easy to do your job: complete residential and commercial wiring with ease.

What Good’s a Top Hat?

If cover plates are already used as temporary placeholders for electrical junction boxes, for items such as large ceiling light fixtures, why buy the Top Hat? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the old fashioned cover plate. The issue has to do with lost time and wasted energy. It takes several hours to an entire day just to wire a new home under construction, depending upon size. Wiring a commercial location can take even longer.

When all is said and done with wiring work, do you really want to fuss with cramming all of that cord back into the walls and ceiling panels? You can’t simply leave electrical wiring exposed until a permanent fixture is in place. And most plate covers are a pain to work with because they’re flat. The average 3,000 square foot home has a total of 4,500 feet of electrical wiring, so cramming more of it back into the wall or ceiling isn’t a fun task.

With the Top Hat from Rack-A-Tiers, you get an extra 35 cubic inches of space around the junction box to work with. You’ll have plenty of room to leave those wires out for easy installation of fixtures later. Best of all, you won’t leave wires exposed either.

Don a Top Hat

The Top Hat is a high-volume wire cover that replaces the old flat plate cover used in many rough electrical jobs. The box extension design of the Top Hat gives you 35 additional cubic inches of space to work with and fits a 4×4 junction box. The Top Hat ensures you can leave wires sticking out of the box for quicker installation later.

Top Hats are ULC approved and Plenum rated, and made in America. There’s no reason not to invest in the Top Hat for your next job. Make it quicker to wrap up wiring jobs and easier to get back to installation later.

ULC Approved and Plenum Rated

This is an important factor in the value of the Top Hat. Each Top Hat is ULC/UL approved in Canada and the United States. Earning this designation ensures that the Top Hat has passed all standards and specifications for products that impact fire safety (for example) codes in residential and commercial buildings.

Further, the plenum rated offers an additional benefit in the electrical field. Plenum-rated wires are named after an HVAC term referring to plenum spaces. These spaces within a structure exist between a drop and standard ceiling (or floor space between levels) where air circulates through the building.

When wiring is run through these plenum spaces in electrical work, it must be plenum-rated wire. These wires are coated with a special jacket material, often made of Teflon, that is flame-resistant. Plenum spaces allow fire and smoke to travel quickly. Burning wires typically emit highly toxic smoke. With plenum-rated wires and products though, less smoke is emitted and it is less toxic.

Only One Clear Choice

Quit jamming excess wire back into wall or ceiling panels, and don’t risk leaving exposed wires. The next time you wire a 4×4 junction box, put a Top Hat on it and call it a day!

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