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When you think of the term vise, your mind likely goes to that trusty metal tool in your toolbox. A traditional vise has movable jaws used to hold an object firmly in place while you work on. Vises are used to hold boards, pipes, and other tubing. However, it’s not always easy to haul around a set of vises to every job you’re working on. For those times when you need a trusty third hand, the Plate Vise from Rack-A-Tiers is here to help.

The Plate Vise replaces your standard vise for easy use on the job site. While most standard vises are attached to a workbench and take up lots of space, the Plate Vise will save you time and space when you need to make cuts. More importantly, it will help you make safer cuts compared to improvised options on the job site.

Get a Grip with the Plate Vise

The Plate Vise from Rack-A-Tiers is a one-size-fits all solution for your onsite cutting and drilling needs. Built in a simple triangular shape, the Plate Vise is designed to enable easier cutting of various materials. First and foremost, it gives you a steady third hand to hold wood, piping, and conduit in place while you cut and drill. Secondly, it props itself up once lumber or piping is inserted so you can make your cuts off the ground.

Each Plate Vise has six openings so you can make any variety of cuts. Included in the design of the Plate Vise are openings for 1×2 lumber and 7/8” Unistrut, 2” – 2 ½” Pipe and Conduit, 2” angle Iron and Tubing, ½” – ¾” Pipe and Conduit, 1” Pipe and Conduit, 1 ¼” – 1 ½” Pipe and Conduit, and 3” – 4” Pipe and Conduit. Best of all, you can cut 2×2, 2×4, and 2×6 lumber with ease.

The sturdy contact points of the Plate Vise hold your materials firmly in place. They won’t spin or move as you cut and drill. Did we mention you can also measure your cuts first? The Plate Vise has a 12-inch ruler so you can take quick measurements and make fast cuts. Most importantly, the Plate Vise is a lightweight, portable option for any job. It beats hauling your entire workbench with you!

Avoid Injuries, Poor Cuts, and Wasted Materials

Cutting and drilling is a part of any work in the trades. Whether you’re a pipe fitter, drywall installer, or construction framer, you need to work with dangerous cutting and drilling tools. As effective as saws are cutting wood, piping, tubing, and conduit, they’re also efficient when it comes to delivering painful injuries.

Whether it’s a skin-level injury only or a deeper cut, you don’t want to run afoul of the teeth on any saw. I think we can all agree the human body comes with enough holes, so you probably don’t want to drill through your hand or foot either. The Plate Vise holds materials steady, and allows you the leverage you need to make safe, precise cuts. Remember, common injuries from cutting and drilling include damage to tendons, nerves, arteries, and even bone. Any of these injuries can lead to loss of feeling, inability to control muscles, or long-term disability.

The Plate Vise offers a safer means of cutting and drilling, but it’s also about efficiency. When you measure right the first time and make a good first cut, you can work faster. You’ll get your measurements done and cuts made in a jiffy. On top of it all, when you make solid cuts and drill accurate holes the first time you don’t have to redo your work and worry about wasting materials.

Get Your Plate Vise from Rack-A-Tiers

Everyone enjoys getting their job done right. Just as importantly, everyone wants to get the job done with some time to spare. When you have a lot of measuring, cutting, and drilling to do, the Plate Vise is the tool you need.

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