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Made In America

At Rack-A-Tiers, we work with many inventors and manufacturers across the globe to bring you innovative and one-of-a-kind products you have never seen before. Our specialty tools offer convenience to electricians getting the job done. Our goal at Rack-A-Tiers is to offer you these tools to save you time, energy, and money in a fun and innovative way! Differing from larger corporations, this goal is inspired from direct feedback we receive from our customers. In addition, most of our inventors are based in North America and have a background in the industry, meaning their products offer reliable solutions to our customers.

Many of these products you may be familiar with are invented and created close to home for us in North America. Shedding light on these products, we are proud to introduce Made in America, a yearlong campaign dedicated towards highlighting our American products! This campaign celebrates American innovation, integrity, and ingenuity, three characteristics Rack-A-Tiers values in both our products and relationships with our inventors.

What is Made in America?

Our Made in America page on our website will feature all products that are both manufactured and invented in you guessed it…America! Additionally, throughout the year we will be interviewing the American inventors that we have partnered with to gain insight on what it’s like being an entrepreneur in America and on how their products were inspired and created. It’s important to recognize and celebrate the innovation seen in our home countries and that is exactly what this campaign intends to do.  

Why are American Products Important?

Sourcing out manufacturers in both America has many benefits to our industry and everyone around us. Jobs are created and sustained, benefits are seen within our economy, and often, it is a more sustainable option than manufacturing products overseas. Now more than ever, the manufacturing industry is experiencing supply chain issues that have shaped the accessibility to tools and materials electricians have. Supporting local manufacturers is one way in which we can avoid this issue and improve our ability to access these products/materials. Because Rack-A-Tiers is a company that is by electricians for electricians, not only do we want to ensure that we are offering the best products for you, but we are also offering products that are accessible and on demand to help you get the job done. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of supporting products that are sourced locally or the stories behind our inventors? Sign up for our email subscription below!  

After 27 years of manufacturing and marketing products in the electrical industry, the topic of where to make the products is at the top of our agenda. We try to first make our tools in the US or Canada and with the cost of the supply chain and overseas labor going up, the playing field is getting more even. North America’s manufacturing sector should be bright for many years and we as a company intend to celebrate that through this campaign.”  

Ken MacLachlan, President 

Below are a few of our highlighted American made products. If you would like to see the whole list of products, click the button below view our Made in America webpage.

Made In America
  • Ladder Mate

    $47.99 CAD

  • Driller’s Dust Bowl

    $31.99 CAD

  • JK Products Foldable Stud Reel 2×4 & 2×6 – U.S. Only

    $287.49 CAD

Are you an electrician with an amazing invention idea? We are always accepting submissions! Click on the button below to submit your invention idea.  

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