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Pull Wire Solo With The All American Pull Buddy

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Sarah Burnside
Posted on 15th February 2023

This week I am going to enlighten you about one of those nifty little tools that caused me a Duh, moment the first time I saw it. I am always amazed at the simple solutions that my fellow electricians find to common problems. We are an ingenious bunch.

The All American Pull Buddy

In honor of Valentines Day I chose a tool that offers a lot to love. It is a wonderful aid in doing a job that we all love, pulling wire. It is K.I.S.S. simple which is another thing to love and most lovely of all it is cheap, effective and rugged. It is the All American Pull Buddy.

The All American Pull Buddy can best be explained as a set of miniature shoe horns that fit into the ends of conduit inside a standard four inch box.

If you have ever had to make a 90 degree pull through a box you know what a pain it can be. You normally have to ether pull a wad of wire out into the floor and then feed it back down the other side of the turn, taking a chance on snags and risking damage to the insulation on the wires. Either way it has always been a pain. This handy little tool solves that problem.

Using the All American Pull Buddy

Just slide the Pull Buddies into the conduits and they guide the wire out of one conduit and into the other slick as can be. They comes in ½, ¾ and 1 inch sizes so they fit almost any possible scenario you might come up against and are small and light enough to tote in your pocket without even noticing that they are there. That is about as simple as a tool can get.

Check out this demo from one of our customers:


If you love simple solutions to everyday headaches you are going to love having these little jewels in your tool kit. They take a pain in the rear two man jobs and make it a simple one man operation. That is a saving in effort and labor cost. They are inexpensive enough to keep a complete set in all of your rigs without even noticing the expense.

It doesn’t matter what type of electrical work (residential, commercial or industrial) you do. We all have to pull wire through boxes and we have all had to untangle a rat’s nest of wires at some point. With the All American Pull Buddy you’ll never have to do that again.

Until next time, keep the coffee hot, the beer cold and check us out at @rackatierstools on TikTok and Instagram while you’re at it.


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