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Laserline Kit

Shoot a line up to 200 feet!

The CO2 powered gun shoots a foam dart with a line attached to it up to 200ft. Stop climbing your ladder and moving it every ten feet to pull your wire across a t-bar ceiling. Pull your wire the entire distance in one shot with the Laserline! Tired of wiggling through a crawl space just to drag your wire to the other end? Fire the Laserline, attach your wire, then walk around and pull it across while standing. It’s that easy! Note that the laser does not come out of the barrel of the gun, it comes out of the black piece on top of the barrel.

Kits Includes:

  • 1 gun
  • 2 spools of line (1200 ft. each)
  • 2 darts
  • 2 CO2 cartridges
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  • Accurately install a pull line up to 200ft.
  • Cuts labor costs and improves production.
  • Ability to span over heavy and hard to move objects found in many commercial structures.
  • Replacement line and darts available.
  • Replacement CO2 cartridges not available through us. They can be bought at most sporting goods or hardware stores.

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