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Universal Attachment Kit


  • FishHook
  • Directional Tool
  • Magnet Head
  • Pull Ring
  • Ball Chain
  • 2 Replacement Tips
  • Stored in convenient vinyl pouch
  • Misc. Attachments

FIB520 Universal Attachment Kit for ALL (3/16″ rods) & (5/32″ rods)

FishHook – Use to retrieve or snag wire & cable
Directional Tool – Offset bend helps guide the Fiberfish around obstructions in walls
Magnet Head – Used with Fish Finder or to catch the ball chain inside wall cavities
Pull Ring – Used to attach multiple wires for larger pulls
Ball Chain – Attach to Fiberfish for interior wall pulls – can be retrieved through small access hole in wall with magnet or Flex-Fish
Wisp Head – Use over suspended ceilings – won’t catch on t-bars
Screw Tip – Screws into the end of small communication wires for faster and easier pulls

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