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Looking to level up your tool belt? We got you covered. Our go-to belt is The Electrician Bag/Belt Combo (pictured right). This belt is the first-ever ‘’Molded Air-Channel Tool Belt’’, and is made of high-density nylon with a leather belt. The sturdiness of the nylon and strength of the stitching will give you that durability you need, without the heaviness of an all leather belt. There are even loops to add on suspenders. The benefit of the padded suspenders is to give your back a break and to evenly spread out the weight making it easier for you to wear this belt all day every day.

The Electrician Bag/Belt Combo

What’s a tool bag without its suspenders? To us that just sounds like back pain… If your looking to invest in a belt bag, we highly recommend purchasing a pair of suspenders to go along with it! These suspenders have all provide comfort through adjustable thick foam shoulder pads and padding throughout the shoulder straps. Additionally, the Molded Air Channel Suspenders (pictured right) are a high quality product, as they offer heavy duty spring hooks that attach to the rings of a tool belt.

Molded Air Channel Suspenders

One of our goals at Rack-A-Tiers is to offer you products that change the way you work. We want to simplify the job in ways you hadn’t thought of before. Check out these accessories that you didn’t know you needed until now.

Waterproof Shoe Covers

The Waterproof Shoe Covers (pictured right) offer comfort to both you and your customer! These disposable booties avoid tracking mud and dirt inside of the customer’s home, leaving them in a satisfied mood!

The Mini Butt Pouch

Having a tool belt that can fit all of your needed tools is essential for most jobs. However, always carrying your toolbelt around can be frustrating when you’re doing quick jobs or walk-throughs. The Mini Butt Pouch comes in hand when you only need a handful of items! Best part? You can easily slide it into your back pocket!

Let’s talk work pants!

As an Electrician, we are sure you find yourself working in some cramped, tight spaces. The issue with that is that there is no way you and your full belt is able to squeeze in there and get to work. Our suggestion, get some work pants that allow you to carry the right amount of tools you need and let you squeeze into any tight workspace.

Of course you probably have some sort of ‘’work pant’’ that you call a work pant because you wear them to work. However, do they actually work for you? What I mean is, are they not only a work pant but also a functional pant that keeps you comfortable and protected while working but also has the functionalities of carrying the right amount of tools you need on the job. Here’s where it gets difficult. There are multiple options out there, and how do you know which is best for you before you try them. Well… you don’t, but we can help with that. This is what you should consider when making a purchase decision.

FIT – You want a relaxed, loose fit that allows you to move around and work with ease.

COMFORT – If you are wearing these 8 to 9 hours a day, you need to make sure you are comfortable in these pants. Of course, choosing the right fit and size comes hand in hand.

MATERIAL – Get something 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend. This will give you the comfort you need and durability you should get from a work pant. Machine wash is essential! Ain’t nobody got time for that! If it has some reinforced material that’s a plus, and will help with tears and frays you don’t want.

PRICE – Of course price is important you don’t want to overpay, but you also don’t want to underpay. A 30$ pant is only going to get you so far. If you are wearing these everyday all day, you need a pant that will be able to endure that amount of work. Usually, a higher price will mean higher quality, but not always, so make sure you shop around.

ACCESSORIES – Here is where you look at its functionality. Look for loops, pocket accessories, knee pad inserts. You need just the right amount of accessories to allow you to work smarter and quicker.

The ProJob Pants are our personal favorites.

Last chance to get your hands on this awesome product!

The Snap Sack

Have you ever experienced the annoying pain of a staple poking you through your clothes? That is why we have created the Snap Sack!
Most tool aprons are made out of canvas, which is NOT the flimsy material you want full of screws, staples and countless other sharp objects, especially in such a sensitive area! If you want comfort, functionality and durability the Snap Sack is the apron for you. The leather lining will assure that you don’t get poked, jabbed or shanked on the job!

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