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Looking to level up your tool belt? We got you covered. Our go-to belt is The Electrician Bag/Belt Combo (pictured right). This belt is the first-ever ‘’Molded Air-Channel Tool Belt’’, and is made of high-density nylon with a leather belt. The sturdiness of the nylon and strength of the stitching will give you that durability you need, without the heaviness of an all leather belt. There are even loops to add on suspenders. The benefit of the padded suspenders is to give your back a break and to evenly spread out the weight making it easier for you to wear this belt all day every day.

The Electrician Bag/Belt Combo

What’s a tool bag without its suspenders? To us that just sounds like back pain… If your looking to invest in a belt bag, we highly recommend purchasing a pair of suspenders to go along with it! These suspenders have all provide comfort through adjustable thick foam shoulder pads and padding throughout the shoulder straps. Additionally, the Molded Air Channel Suspenders (pictured right) are a high quality product, as they offer heavy duty spring hooks that attach to the rings of a tool belt.

Molded Air Channel Suspenders

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