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Regular readers of these posts know that the task of pulling wire and cable holds a special place in my heart. There is nothing more exciting than looking at a pallet full of wire and knowing that every inch has got to be fed and pulled.

I hope no one reading this bought that line of bull.

The fact is that pulling wire is part of the job, but far from my favourite part. Sore hands and sorer shoulders are what the subject of wire pulling brings to my mind. I have often wondered if I could stretch-out all the wire I’ve pulled in 48 years, how far it would travel. Then I realize I’m probably better off not knowing.

This brings us to the subject of this blog post, the PulLee. A smart contractor will find every way he can to make his crews lives easier and if he can save money or increase production in the process then everybody wins; him, his people, and his clients.

The PulLee is another of those simple ideas that does just that. It makes life easier for my people and increases production time, saving me money.

Using the PulLee

I won’t lie to you and say that using this handy little tool will make the wire fly through conduit like it’s floating on air. What I will tell you is that it cuts the manpower needed in half and makes the pulling much easier.

Just snap the spring loaded tips into the side mounting hole on most boxes and it guides the wire in at the correct angle to assure a smooth pull with no snags, hang-ups, scraped insulation or extra person feeding the wire in.

It literally makes pulling wire easier for one man than it usually is for two. I just wish I had this tool when I was starting out. It would have saved me countless hours and a lot of sore hands.


Pulling wire is never going to be as much fun as a bar with a live band and “ladies drink free night”, but it doesn’t have to be the pain that it once was.

Add the PulLee to your toolbox and see just how much easier it can make your life or the life of your people. It doesn’t take up much room weighs next to nothing and is worth its weight in platinum not gold.

Until next time, as always, keep the coffee hot and the beer cold and let us hear from you.

Note to my friends north of the border: You can buy this tool in Canada but as most of your boxes don’t have mounting holes that line up, it is not recommended.

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