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Welcome back everyone. I hope everyone had a glorious and safe holiday. Around our place we had lots of things going boom, including a few people. You would just have to try my wife’s Hunch Punch to understand that one. It has a nasty habit of sneaking up on people and knocking them colder than a wedge. If you can believe it, one young lady was found standing up, leaned against a tree, holding a plate, with food in her mouth and dead to the world. Still there were no injuries, beyond a few peoples pride and fun was had by all.

Holidays are always fun but unfortunately it is now time to get back to work. For me that means beyond doing my Quarterlies it is time for me to share another great tool with you.

The Bag Piper

This week I am going to bring you another of those simple ideas that I love so much, The Bag Piper.

If you have worked in commercial or industrial electrical contracting much you have probably worked with or at least seen foam line carriers. They are great little devices but to my mind they have two major draw backs. One is the wear out and get torn up to fast when they get heavy use and two is for what your buying they are expensive.

Enter the Bag Pipers. I can’t tell you that they are more durable than foam line carriers but I can tell you that for the cost of a single foamy you can buy a bucket load of Bag Pipers. To be blunt about it, they are cheap and do the job just as well. For me that is a winner every time.

What They Do

For those unfamiliar with them Bag Pipers work just like foamies. You attach a drag line to them, feed them into a conduit and then use compressed air to blow them through to the other end. They not only pull the line for you but along the way they push out any water and debris that might be in the pipe.

Bag Pipers come in three sizes to handle conduit from .5 inch all the way up to 6 inch so from wiring light fixtures in an office building to an MCC in a manufacturing plant there is a size that will work for you.

Bottom Line

I know I’m the guy that is always hollering quality over quantity and don’t buy cheap but as a wise man, I believe it was me, said one time “pretty is, as pretty does” and the Bag Pipers do the job just as well as the much more expensive alternative.

We all work hard for our money and I see a big part of my job as helping you get the most for the least while making your working life as easy as possible. Bag Pipers can save you a boatload of money without sacrificing the quality of your work or making you work any harder.

As to making your personal life easier, the best I can do is recommending any of the Hunch Punch recipes in the link found at the top of the page. Another saying I got from my Dad. “When in doubt, drink.”

Until next time, keep the coffee hot, the beer cold and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

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