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Although unavoidable on many jobs, pulling wires is one of the more despised tasks that contractors and electricians must do. Pulling a wire isn’t difficult, but it is cumbersome and time consuming. What electrician hasn’t been aggravated at a wire that won’t go through a small hole? It’s this aggravation that prompted the idea of the Penguin Puller — a tool that makes pulling wires much, much easier.

A Tool to Pull Wires

The Penguin Puller is a specialized tool that lets contractors and electricians pull wires without taping or crimping. It features four slots and an Allen-key screw that makes attaching the Penguin Puller to the end of a wire easy. Once attached, pulling the wire through even narrow passages is also painless, thanks to the tool’s tapered, bullet-shaped end. There’s no need for tape, crimps, wire socks, wire grips or any other similar tool.

The Penguin Puller comes in two sizes the Penguin Puller Sr. and the Penguin Puller Jr.

  • Penguin Puller Sr. (Part# 69700) Good for wires 3/0 – 350 MCM
  • Penguin Puller Jr. (Part# 69705) Good for wires 1/0 – 4/0

Both are rated for up to 4,000 pounds total, which is plenty of pull strength for most applications.

A Tool That Saves Time

By making pulling wires easier and less complicated, the Penguin Puller saves contractors and electricians time — and, sometimes, a lot of it. With the tool, you can:

  • save time on crimping and taping

  • spend less time feeding wires

  • avoid spending time cleaning up messes made while pulling wires

Along with spending less time on a job, you’ll spend less time finagling wires and cleaning up after jobs, which are both tasks that most contractors and electricians would prefer to avoid.

Try the Penguin Puller

To see why many contractors and electricians are already using the Penguin Puller, check it out. You’ll quickly see why it’s the most efficient way to pull wires. If you’re still crimping and taping, give this little tool a shot and see just how much faster and easier pulling wires can be. Soon, you might not mind the task at all, thanks to the Penguin Puller.

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