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Thread the Needle with Fiberfish Attachments

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Sarah Burnside
Posted on 28th February 2018

Electricians have a tough job to do. Crawling into tight spaces, threading wire through wall cavities or passing them through long electrical conduit. Just like fishing on the lake, fishing for these wires is made all better with good tools and equipment. That’s why Rack-A-Tiers carries the best in fish tape and wire guiding attachments to get you started.

Wire Fishing at its Best

The purpose of wire fishing is to get electrical wiring through wall cavities in homes and offices, or to feed it through electrical conduit piping. Crawling through these spaces is inconvenient, at best when you think about wall gaps in buildings. It is impossible when you’re talking about feeding wiring through an electrical conduit pipe. So, in order to make the process easier there is fishing tape. However, fishing tape on its own often is not enough to get the job done.

Fishing tape can snag on blockages when it’s being threaded between walls. Wire can also get backed up and twisted when feeding it through electrical conduit pipes. Fiberfish attachments are available to make the job easier. You’ll be able to feed wire easier, pull it more smoothly, and hook guide lines with more efficiency. With Fiberfish attachments, the job gets done faster with fewer headaches!

Fiberfish 1/4″ Attachments

The Fiberfish 1/4″ attachments from Rack-A-Tiers are designed for use with 1/4″ fish tape setups, just as the name suggests. The attachment kit includes a variety of pieces meant to help you tackle any wire fishing mispah or situation you come across. There are a total of eight pieces in the kit, including:

    • Magnet Head
    • Pull Ring
    • Whisp Head
    • Directional Tool
    • Fish Hook
    • Screw Tip
    • Ball Chain
    • Replacement Tip

Fiberfish 3/16″ and 5/32″ Attachments

Depending on the size of wire you’re working with, you may need to upgrade to the 3/16″ and 5/32″ Fiberfish attachments. The sizing may be different for this product, but the kit is the same. All eight pieces offered in the 1/4″ kit are available in this kit. So, what do all those pieces do for you?

The magnet head can be used with your existing fish finder or the ball chain to catch wire guides inside of the wall easily. For larger jobs, the pull ring allows you to attach multiple wires for the same guide job. The whisp head is ideal for suspended ceilings so you can fish wire without worrying about interference from T-bars.

With the directional tools offset bend you can guide wires around obstructions in the wall or electrical conduit without having to start over. As you might guess, the fish hook is great for snagging any wire and cable. The screw tip is ideal for use with those hard-to-work-with small communications wires. You simply screw the tip into the ends of the wire for easier pulls and a better connection. The ballchain is a great extension piece for these Fiberfish products. You can string it through small access holes to catch wire and guides more easily.

Finally, there is the replacement tip. If all you really needed in this set was a replacement Fiberfish tip, you’ve got what you need. Whether a wire actually snaps in the wall or you simply arrived at a job short one Fiberfish head, you’ve got a spare lying around just in case.

Fiberfish Master Pack