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Bend 750MCM with Bulldog Benders

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Sean Jones
Posted on 25th December 2022

When you have a big job to do on a project requiring the running of copper, aluminum, or other piping, you need only the best tools to get it done. The Bulldog Benders available from Rack-A-Tiers are just the collection of pipe and wire benders you’re looking for. Built tough and sturdy, these products are available today in four different options so you’re sure to find the best fit for your needs.

If you’ve shopped with Rack-A-Tiers before for wire and pipe benders, you might be familiar with the Bulldog Original Bender. Well, today our lineup has expanded to include a new Bulldog Pup, Bulldog Pro with Adaptor, and the Bulldog Big Daddy Set for those jobs that require massive muscle. Haven’t met the Bulldog Benders yet? Now’s the time to introduce yourself!

Meet the New Pup

The all-new Bulldog Pup might be the pint-sized member of the pack, but this bulldog still has some serious bark. The Pup is the newest wire and pipe bender from Bulldog, capable of bending up to 4/0 copper or aluminum. The dowels on the Bulldog Pup are a bit different than the other products in this lineup because they have a smooth finish in an hour-glass shape. Like the other Bulldog products, you have two options for bending to suit the space and torque you need.

Each Bulldog Pup has a T-shaped design, with two dowels forming the top the “T” horizontally as you hold the Pup upright, and two more dowels at the bottom of the “T” vertically as you hold it the same way. Need a little more strength for the job?

Step Up to the Bulldog Original

Meet the original member of the pack in the Bulldog Original Bender. This Bulldog Bender was designed and manufactured by an electrician with his fellow electricians in mind. The Original Bender is great for bending wires already connected in panels, for disconnects, LB’s, and even wire-ways. With the Original you can bend up to 500 MCM, and the shape and setup is the same as the Bulldog Pup.

One notable difference on the Bulldog Original Bender is the use of knurled dowels. The series of small ridges and beads on the metal surface of a knurled dowel gives you added grip when you’re bending wire and pipe to ensure you have the torque you need for any job. However, a smooth dowel is available upon request if that suits your needs better.

Go Pro with the Bulldog Pro and Adaptor

The Bulldog Pro Bender with Adaptor is great for those jobs which require the greatest torque possible to achieve wire and pipe bends. With all the same features of the Original Bender, the Pro comes with an adaptor that gives you the added torque you need on certain jobs. The Bulldog Pro comes standard with the knurled dowels and has smooth finishes available upon request.

What sets the Bulldog Pro apart from the original is the notched square hole in the center of the bender rod. You can insert the adaptor and use the dowels on the included adaptor to bend pipe or wire. You simply use the Bulldog Pro itself to give you the added torque to bend difficult pipe and wire. You can see it in action in the video linked above.

Dealing in 750MCM?

The Bulldog Big Daddy Set gives you all the bending power and flexibility you could every need. The Big Daddy Set can bend up to 750 MCM, comes with knurled dowels or available smooth dowels, and includes the Original Bender, Pro Bender, and the Adaptor. With the Big Daddy Set in your truck there won’t be a pipe you come across that you can bend with ease!

As always, Rack-A-Tiers focuses on providing tools that tradespeople need to get the job done right the first time, every time. From electricians to general contractors, Rack-A-Tiers has the tools you need!


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