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The Best Tool For Pulling Wire Solo-Wire Vortex

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Posted on 8th February 2023

Those that regularly read these post, yes both of you, probably realize by now that we are running on a theme the last few weeks about wire pulling. That really shouldn’t be a surprise as pulling wire is one of the biggest headaches that we all deal with on a daily bases. It’s one of the common denominators that bring us all together.

It doesn’t matter if your specialty is commercial, industrial, residential, or general electrical contracting. It doesn’t matter which continent or regions of the world you work in; we all pull wire and I am yet to meet the man who enjoyed it.

Last week I told you about the PulLee, a wonderful tool for taking some of the hassle out of pulling wire. It does have one drawback, though. It only works with US style boxes. For the rest of the world, their holes don’t line up properly to make effective use of it.

That is why this week I am going to tell you about another of the tools offered to ease your wire pulling woes, the Wire Vortex wire pulling guide. It is perfect for my friends north of the border or anywhere EU style boxes are used.

The Wire Vortex, Simple and Rugged

The Wire Vortex is a handy little device that is built rock solid, and is KISS simple to use, two of my requirements for a tool to be worth buying. Complicated won’t get used and fragile won’t survive long in the field.

It is constructed from High Impact Plastic and has zero moving parts, meaning it can rattle around in your tool bag without getting destroyed and for simplicity of use is hard to beat.

Using the Wire Vortex

To use the Wire Vortex all you have to do is attach your wires to your Fishtape and get the feed started. Then slip the wires through the slot in the Vortex and attach the Vortex onto the front of your box using the faceplate mounting screws. You’re ready to pull.

The Wire Vortex fits any standard (deep or shallow) 4 inch box, that’s   100 millimeter for my metric friends.  It allows you to pull from any direction with ease and snag free (no more wire damage)and best of all it turns a two man job into a one man job, doubling productivity.


More and more often in this age of globalization we can find ourselves working on projects that may have a mix of European and Empirical fittings or we may find ourselves working internationally. Regardless of the circumstances, we or our people are going to be pulling wire. That is just a fact of life in our world.

With the Wire Vortex in your bag of tricks, you and your people can be prepared to make quick, clean pulls regardless of the situation you find yourself. If you run two man crews, you should have two in every van. After all, there is no since using two people to pull wire when they can each be working their own box. Time is money and productivity is the key to profit.


Buy The Wire Vortex from Rack-A-Tiers


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