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The Best Electrician’s Tools for Pulling Wire Solo

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Sarah Burnside
Posted on 16th February 2023

No matter how much you love your job, there are things about it that could be better. Think about it. As an electrician, do you really enjoy when things take longer than they should? There’s nothing fun about devoting a ton of time in one day to running wires. If you run a small electrician company, it can be really frustrating on big jobs. There are certain aspects that require two people to get work done. What if there were tools that made your work faster? What if they had the added benefit of simplifying work for one person?

Rack-A-Tiers has a variety of wire pulling tools that can do just that. Whether you’re wiring a few boxes or an entire structure, we’ve got the tools to help. Our collection of wire pulling products speed up the job and turn two-man work into one-man projects. Learn all about the All-American Pull Buddy, Wire Vortex, and the PulLee.


The All-American Pull Buddy is a multi-pack of products that act like a shoehorn for your wires. The pack is appropriately available in red, white, and blue colors. The three colors come in different sizes: ½” for blue, ¾” for red, and 1″ for white. The goal of the All-American Pull Buddy is to reduce time and labor. Install the pull buddies where you need them, and you can kill two birds with one stone.

First and foremost, you can turn wire pulling into a one-person job. Secondly, and of equal importance, you reduce the chance of damaging wires. The All-American Pull Buddy system is just one option though. Let’s look at two other innovative products.


Finally, there’s the PulLee. This slim steel roller is no slouch. It might be small, but it is strong and helps you do the job with greater ease. The PulLee features a spring-loaded tip for easy install, while keeping the tool locked in place. The stainless-steel design also ensures long-term strength and durability.

The PulLee enables effortless wire pulling. It helps guide wire and cable through boxes as you’re wiring up a home or businesses. The PulLee ensures the right angle as you pull wires and removes the need for a second person to help guide the feeding end. Again, another product that saves time and money. One important note though for our Canadian shoppers. The manufacturer suggests not using the PulLee. Most electrical boxes in Canada do not have holes that line up across from one another. This makes it hard to use the PulLee in as many circumstances.

Save Time and Money

It bears repeating one last time. Each of these products is meant to help save time and money. You can complete more wire installs with greater speed because wire pulling is more efficient. If you employ multiple electricians in your company, you can send them to separate jobs and still get work done. Best of all, you’ll save money with shoehorns that reduce wire fraying and damage during pulling.