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Fix Your Fish Tape End With Fish Heads

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Sarah Burnside
Posted on 17th February 2023

We have talked about this subject some in the past. How it seems that every electrician is either struggling through with a broken Fish Tape or has a couple stashed away somewhere. Well, if you have them stashed now is the time to dig them out and if you are still fighting with a broken one it is time to end your struggles.

The Fish Head, as you have probably surmised, is a replacement head for your Fish Tape, but it is unlike any other replacement head I have ever seen. If you have a set of side cutters, who doesn’t, you can have that broken tape back in action in just a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is clip off the end of your tape and slide on the Fish Head, tighten the Allen Screw with the supplied wrench and you are back in business. There is no heating, bending or twisting required; just snip, slip, tighten and go.

Better than New

When you replace your fish tape’s tip with a Fish Head you not only get a usable tape back, you get a tape that is better than it probably was new. You see, the Fish Head is rounded making it move through conduit easier on the push and tapered so that when you start pulling there is less chance of it becoming hung up. If it does become snagged though, don’t worry, despite its simplistic mounting system, the Fish head is stout. It has been tested to hold at over 500 lbs of load. That is a lot of strain.

Pick up a couple at your local distributor and keep them on hand.

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