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A Look At The Rack-A-Tiers Double-Ended Hex Bit

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Sarah Burnside
Posted on 16th March 2023

Few of us would even attempt to argue that battery powered drills and Hex Bits are two of the greatest inventions of all time. Both have made our work so much easier that most of us would be lost without them. I seriously doubt any of the guys, I have working for me, have ever seen a Brace and Bit much less used one.

The only problem that I have found is when I am changing bits it always seems I have the wrong size chucked up. I know this is a minor irritation compared to how much easier they have made our lives but it is still an irritation.

Why it’s Better Double Ended

The Double-Ended Hex Bit is, as many great ideas are very simple. It is a Standard 1/4″ hex at one end and 5/16″ (the two most popular sizes) at the other but the things that make it so special is that either end will fit a standard battery powered drill. It is color coded on each end, making it easy tell which size you are using at the time and when it is time to change just flip it over.


No more digging through your bits to find the one that fits or the adapter you need. If you have your drill and the Double-Ended Hex Bit you are ready to drill, screw and tighten nuts and bolts to your hearts content.

With the ability for each end to fit into a standard battery drill, this truly is a serious time saver. Their patented design features red 1/4″ hex at one end and a yellow 5/16″ hex at the other, allowing you to quickly switch between the 2 most commonly used hex bits.


Talk to your supply house today and let them know that you are waiting for them to be in stock. Believe me you won’t be disappointed when you start using it. I already have mine reserved and figure they will pay for themselves the first day on the job.


Until next time, keep the coffee hot, the beer cold and don’t forget to check us out on instagram @rackatierstools

Buy the Double Ended Hex Bit from Rack-A-Tiers