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Chip Catcher

Magnetic metal shavings catcher

Clamp the Chip Catcher to the top or bottom of a metal surface as you drill, and the rare earth magnets will attract and capture the metal shavings. Enjoy having a work area free of shavings and a clean-up you can finish in seconds. Metal chips can be dangerous to your fingers and electrical components. Chip Catcher collects metal shards, so you don’t have to. You never have to worry about how to clean up metal shavings by hand again. 

Drill horizontally, vertically, or even through the top of a metal cabinet and Chip Catcher’s strong magnets will have no problem attracting the metal shavings. A magnetic chip catcher makes working in cramped spaces a breeze. Instead of trying to deflect shavings away or cleaning them up afterwards, just attach the Chip Catcher and start drilling. 

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