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Electrician's Combo Tool Belt & Bag

Electrician tool pouch with innovative padded belt

Experience unparalleled comfort and durability with the first ever ‘Molded Air-Channel Tool Belt.’ This electrician’s tool belt has patented air channels through the memory foam padding to improve ventilation and save your back from overheating. With high-quality neoprene, you never have to worry about the padding flattening the way it does with the typical mesh design of other electrician tool belts. The wide-back design prevents the belt from digging into your back and hips by evenly distributing the weight across a larger area. 

Built to take a beating, this tool belt is constructed around a high-density nylon ‘Web Core’ which creates a solid framework to strengthen the stitching and stress points. To further support the structure, metal rings are stitched to the belt’s core with high-density nylon. 

This combo includes everything you need in an electrician tool belt: 

Molded Air-Channel Support Belt 

An 18-Pocket Electrician’s Tool Pouch that will fit your screwdrivers, pliers, knife, wire strippers, tester, and side cutters without issue. 

The 9-Pocket Fastener Pouch can easily hold your wire nuts, fasteners, straps, connectors, or staples. 

Hammer Holster 

Tape Measure Holder 

Each size provides a specific fit. To ensure the best size choice, be sure to measure waist size over your clothing, including jackets worn during the winter. If you are at the very top of a size, we recommend sizing up. For example, if your waist size for pants is 30”, size up to medium. 


Small 26″-30″ 

Medium 31″-34″ 

Large 35″-39″ 

XL 40″-44″ 

XXL 45″-49″ 

XXXL 50″-55″ 

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  • REINFORCED – Every stress point has been reinforced with ‘Bar-Tack’ stitching and heavy-duty rivets. Areas that are prone to failure on other electrical tool belts will go a long time before showing any wear and tear. 
  • DURABLE – Robust plastic inserts are sewn into the 1250 denier DuraTek nylon of each pouch to ensure they never lose their shape and prevent tools from poking through the pouch wall. The DuraTek nylon also saves the pouch edges from fraying with use.  
  • SPACIOUS – Each pouch is designed to maximize usable space. No more losing tools in the inconveniently shaped pouches. Easily fit all the tools you need without worrying about discomfort or having difficulty retrieving them. Know where all your tools are so you can work more efficiently. 
  • LONGEVITY – The metal suspender rings have been triple-stitched onto the belt to keep them from ever ripping out and damaging the tool belt. With a double metal buckle, leather tip, and strong Velcro, you can trust this belt to always fasten securely without stretching or losing its shape. 
  • MOBILITY – Two convenient carrying handles are riveted and Bar-Tak sewn onto the belt. Easily pick up and move the belt or hang it up without worrying about the handles being unable to support the weight. 

More Information

Please note: Rack-A-Tiers Suspenders are not included in the Combo and need to be bought separately. Click here to check out the Rack-A-Tiers Suspenders with Molded Air-Channel Support. 

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