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Ferret Lite - Multipurpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Camera Pulling Tool

Have full visibility as you fish through a crawl space

The Ferret Lite, designed and engineered by Ferret Tools, is a general-purpose high-quality inspection camera that gives eyes inside hard to reach locations. It includes award-winning handy features with the addition of the always up viewing mode to help with intuitive inspections. If you like to keep things simple & don’t need all the bells and whistles, the Ferret Lite is the ideal cost-effective solution to help on the job or at home. The Ferret Lite incorporates all of the design and innovation of the original award-winning Ferret WiFi.

Ferret Tools is creating the future with new thinking and innovation in smart inspection camera technology to help build an easier and safer work environment. For those of you that care about having the most reliable and durable tools with the latest smart technology to help work faster, easier and safer, Inspect with a Ferret. Genuine Ferret Tools product.

Kit Includes: Padded EVA case, Ferret Lite camera, flexible gooseneck, turn & click front hook and magnet, locking ring, thread adaptors, USB-C charge cable, spare O-rings & instruction manual.

Uses: Visual inspections. Light cable installations. Inspect for maintenance and repair work on the job or at home. Very fast and easy to turn on and link to your phone so perfect for a quick look. Record photos and videos direct to your phone’s photo gallery

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