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keeps your drill bit accessories "Where you need them - When you need them."

Every moment during a project that you spend looking for the right tool is wasted time and results in frustration and bad decisions. The ingenious HOLDSaBIT slips on or off a drill in seconds. Simply pull one loop over the front of the drill and pull the second loop to the back of the drill. The HOLDSaBIT will hold any 1/4″ hex shank item as well as pencils, nut drivers and hex shank drill bits. Tips and bits are easily inserted and removed.

  • HOLDSaBIT KIT includes Bits:
    • 1 – #1 Green Robertson Square Bit (70140G)
    • 1 – #2 Red Robertson Square Bit (70240R)
    • 1 – #2 Blue Phillips Bit (70241BL)
    • 1 – 1/4″ Red Hex Bit (70531R)
    • 1 – 5/16″ Yellow Hex Bit (70631Y)


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