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Kick Wedge

Level out your 90 degree kicks

The Kick Wedge is an affordable, lightweight, tool designed to help level out your 90 degree conduit bends before adding your kick or second 90. Variables such as unlevel bending surfaces and where you grab your conduit with the bender shoe, will raise your 90 off the ground differently every time. Having the Kick Wedge available will help you level your 90 no matter the circumstances.

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"90 with kick can't be more easy Believe me, some small tools can make your work more convenient, faster and definitely much easier. In this time I'm talking about @rackatierstools kick wedge. The easiest way to bring your stub leg to the level while bending kick."

@Taki Taka

Is bossman gonna fire you for bringing this one on the job site 💀 What do ya think #kickwedge link in bio!


This week you can use one of the most functional tools when it comes to bending pipes! thanks to my friends at @rackatierstools as always. #rackatierstools

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