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LB Wire Guide - Wire Shoehorn

Wire guide for 2" LB's

The LB Wire Guide acts like a “shoehorn” to help you pull wire through a 2” PVC LB fitting with a fraction of the effort and without damaging your wire or hands. This electrical wire guide turns the two-person struggle of 200 Amp services (3/0 wire) into a quick task you can finish by yourself in no time – even in tight spaces. Use this electrical wire guide to easily slide wire in LB’s. 

LB Wire Guide allows you to work alone without the extra frustration and shredded knuckles. This is a unique tool that helps you do two-person jobs like conductor installation by yourself, saving time and money. You will never want to work without the LB Wire Guide again. It completely revolutionizes a frustrating job that every electrician deals with. 

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A shoehorn for wires. 💯 Jam it in your 2 LB, and you won't have to 'pre-shape' & bend the wires to feed them in. I don't know who came up with this idea, but it actually works well.


LB Wire Guide Spec Sheet

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