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Nut Blaster

Tighten wire nuts in seconds!

The Nut Blaster makes quick work of tightening wire nuts. Simply attach the Nut Blaster to any standard drill and tighten your wire in seconds! Say goodbye to the carpal tunnel and hours wasted tightening wire nuts by hand. When the time comes to splice all your wires together you’ll be able to finish each wire in 3-4 revolutions. The Nut Blaster will last you a lifetime with its high impact heat stabilized Delryn plastic construction and steel shaft. The Nut Blaster is compact and light making it the perfect addition to any electrician toolbag. Our XL edition is fitted for residential sized wires, and XXL for even larger jobs.

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  • Prevents sore fingers and carpal tunnel
  • Increases productivity
  • High impact heat stabilized Delryn plastic
  • High quality tool steel shaft
  • XL Yellow opening ⅝” plus wings
  • XXL Blue opening ⅞” plus wings

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