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Nut Blaster

Wire Twisting Tool for Tightening Wire Nuts

Nut Blaster makes tightening wire nuts effortless. Attach this wire nut twister to any standard drill and tighten your wire nuts in seconds! Available in two sizes to accommodate most wire nuts, Nut Blaster is the perfect tool to bring to any job site. 

Save your hands from carpal tunnel and never waste hours tightening wire nuts by hand again. With this wire nut tool, you can twist wire securely and efficiently in just 3-4 revolutions. Your hands are your most valuable tool. The Nut Blaster wire nut twister keeps them injury free by providing an easy method for wire twisting. 

The Nut Blaster opening has special slots to accommodate wing-nuts. This creates a solid grip to ensure the wire nut is properly tightened. The heavy-duty shape and size allow Nut Blaster to handle most common wire nut sizes. 

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When you are working in a tight area and you just don’t want to struggle tightening #8 wire, use the NUT BLASTER XL ™️. When you are working in a junction box with a bunch of wires you have to strip and marrette and you don’t want carpal tunnel, use the NUT BLASTER XL ™️. For bigger wire and more fun, try out the Nut Blaster XXL from Rack A Tier 😄


All the arguments in this trade about “pre-twist”... 🤪...This is why I see no reason to “pre-twist” wire. I’ve used various spinners over the years, but found the @rackatierstools “nut blaster” many years ago, to do the job for me. The best spinner I have ever used. 2 sizes, for every wirenut need.


Over 20 years of twisting wire nuts has given me severe arthritis in my right hand... these tools possibly saved me from a lifetime of pain.


Game changers when you're doing the same task repetitively. No more locked hands. Been using these for 5 years.


Great tool for people who have wrist struggles in the trades or have hand fatigue from repetitive movements.


Alright hear me out boys…. I chewed up my helper for buying one of these. Then I tried it out, if you get the right touch and don’t over twist, they’re kinda dope 😂

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