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Open Splice Junction Box

Junction Box Wiring Made Easy

Open Splice Junction Box is a one-piece electrical junction box that helps you encase open splices in minutes. Open splices are a common, but dangerous, electrical wiring issue. They need to be repaired right away but with traditional junction boxes you can easily find yourself wasting time and money rewiring and remaking open splices. Wire splices left open need a wire cover, and none are as easy-to-use as this. 

Cut how much time you spend in damp crawl spaces and hot, dark attics trying to work in poorly designed standard junction boxes. Go from dangerous, illegal open splices done by amateur handymen to a fully installed and safe junction box with just 4 screws and a few minutes of your time. 

This ingenious electrical wire cover makes the routine job of repairing open wire splices less tedious. If the connectors are tight and undamaged, you can bring electrical work up to code without splicing wires from scratch with the Open Splice Junction Box

Choose your Quantity

Choose Your Quantity:


  • 25.8 Cubic inches of volume. 
  • No need to disconnect the wiring. 
  • Slots for wiring on four sides of the junction box. 
  • Made in the USA. 
  • SAFE – Developed through rigorous laboratory testing, this j-box (junction box) is built with fire-resistant polymer designed to meet U.S. (U.L. 514C) and Canada (CSA C22.2 # 182) safety codes. Safely enclosing open wire splices is your legal responsibility and this wire cover is the most effortless method. 
  • SOLID – The patent-pending one-piece design means fewer parts and pieces to manage. With the hinged lid that folds down to seal the wire splice, you no longer have to re-wire open splices to get them in the junction box.  
  • SIMPLE – The revolutionary 5-step install process makes taking care of this common code violation easy for electricians and DIYers alike and turns junction box installation into a quick job.  

More Information

An “open splice” is when two electrical lines are connected but left uncovered outside of a junction box. Open wire splices are illegal and can lead to serious repercussions. Electrical fires contribute to 51,000 house fires in the United States each year, leading to 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries. Despite this fact, open splices are one of the most common issues discovered during real estate inspections. 

Here’s how easy it is to use the Open Splice Junction Box for repairing open wire splices: 

  1. Turn off electricity to safely handle the wires. 
  2. Bend the doors on the side of the plastic junction box inward to make room for the wires. 
  3. Attach the junction box to the structure. 
  4. Position the wire splice in the junction box. 
  5. Close the lid using the two provided screws to safely enclose the wire splice. 

With almost no effort at all, you can complete your junction box installation and meet electrical code. The Open Splice turns junction box wiring into a quick fix, rather than a difficult annoyance. Electric wire splices that are exposed to the elements can become loose over time, causing dangerous sparks and heat. Using a junction box keeps wires encased and away from flammable materials. 


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