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Ropematic Pro

Handlebars for pulling rope or fish tape

Ropematic Pro is a one-of-a-kind fish tape puller and rope puller with an ergonomic two-handed design. Feed your rope or fish tape into the mechanism and pull several feet in one motion! The latch automatically locks onto your rope as you pull and unlocks as you slide the Ropematic Pro back down the rope. Resetting for your next pull is effortless with this cable puller. 

Pulling rope with your bare hands can lead to severe rope burn and hand pain. Ropematic Pro has cushioned rubber grips so you can pull hard without issue. Using a cable puller instead of other makeshift options like pliers, 2×4’s or conduit is faster, safer, and easier. 

On average, Ropematic Pro will save you 30 minutes on a 75’ wire pull. Spend less time and energy fighting with your rope by using this fish tape puller. 

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