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Round Multi-Tool Hole Saw

Multi-tool operated hole saw

The world’s first round multi-tool hole saw is here to cut the perfect holes quickly and effectively in drywall or other thin materials like wood or plastic. Available in 2 sizes (3 3/8 and 4 1/4 inch) and made up of only one piece, simply clip the saw onto your multi-tool and start cutting. 

With no center guide bit, this round hole cutter is ideal for enlarging existing holes or making holes for recessed lights in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional saw and with much less strain on your wrists and arms. 

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  • ACCURATE – Effortlessly cut clean round holes for pot lights without damaging wires or plumbing. The convenient and comfortable design allows you to be precise even in small spaces where only a multi-tool will fit. 
  • HIGH QUALITY – Made of long-lasting hardened steel, this multi-tool saw bit can tackle drywall and thin plastic or wood without worry. Trust this hole saw to deliver the perfect cut every time. 
  • VERSATILE – The Round Multi-Tool Hole Saw is designed to be used with any oscillating multi-tool. Clip it on to your multi-tool and instantly cut perfect, round holes. 
  • EASY INSTALL – Unlike traditional circular drill bit hole saws, there is no arbor or extra tool required for mounting and replacing. Carry fewer tools and spend less time on assembly with the one-piece design.

More Information

Providing much cleaner cuts than a traditional drill-operated hole saw, there is no risk of damaging wires or plumbing behind the drywall. Just pull your wire stubs through the built-in hole at the base while cutting to keep the wire out of the way and safe from any potential damage. Cut round holes for pot lights more efficiently and prevent unnecessary damage to wires with this easy-to-use multi-tool hole saw. 

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