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Sharp Pog

Drill Operated Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener

Sharp Pog is a drill-operated multi tool blade sharpener. Attach it to your drill and sharpen your blades in minutes with the 15 grinding disks. Stop throwing away used blades as soon as they start to dull. Use this tool sharpener to extend the life of your blades by returning them to “like-new” condition. Keep your blades sharp and save money. 

This easy-to-use oscillating blade sharpener will help you get as much value out of your multi tool blades as possible. The 15 high-quality grinding disks line up with the teeth on your blades for accurate sharpening. A must-have drill attachment for anyone who uses an oscillating multi tool, Sharp Pog is an excellent addition to your toolbox. 

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The @rackatierstools Sharp Pog is really a sweet invention. Take your dull blades and give ‘em a new grill 😬, especially since a good blade is 20 plus dollars.


A great tool to have in your toolbox, considering multi tool blades are a fortune.


I love mine 👏👏


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