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The Strutter - Specialty 1/2" Socket

A super short socket to secure 1/2" bolts inside of strut

Have you been trying to find a socket that can get between strut to tighten your 1/2″ bolts between electrical strut channels for maximum strength. The strutter slides into strut because it’s so short and get under the strut lip. Perfect for the Electrician that is securing heavy loads and needs to use 1/2″.

The Strutter Socket can be turned sideways, slide into the strut, then slid over to the 1/2″ bolt and tightened up. Fast and easy for electricians that spend a lot of time securing strut in industrial. 

Before, you could only install the 3/8″ bolt, but now, for heavy loads and maximum strength, use The Strutter Socket.

Fits a standard 3/8″ ratchet.

PAT. NO. 179.392:29/578,226

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