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Category:Hand Tools


Knife Attachment For Wire Strippers

This is the new electrician’s knife. One of the smartest inventions to come to market this decade is the V-Cutter. This simple little blade attaches to most wire strippers and allows you to strip cable with a single swipe.

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Absolutely loving the Crocs strippers with V-Cutter attachment. From sensor wiring to romex, these strippers are all around awesome.


I've done a sorts of electrical work in my years as an electrician. From industrial to commercial and now a ton of residential. These bad boys from @rackatierstools get the job done quickly and easy for me. Love the V Cutter when it comes to stripping romex.

@ speedyshark.electrician

Do you believe in soulmates? Check out the V-Cutter and this fine pair of Crocs together at last. Racky has made the perfect tandem to inspire that belief🔥🔥


These are really sharp, cut well, and super ergonomic. Like having the option to strip the outer insulation in boxes using the V-Cutter. Overall, a great set for the price!

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