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Wire Peeler

Portable drill operated scrap wire stripper

The Wire Peeler is a portable, drill-operated automatic wire stripper for recycling your scrap copper and aluminum wire. Lightweight and convenient to carry, you can mount this automatic wire stripper to a workbench or table in any setting. The motorized design and hardened blade built of durable, high-quality materials make light work of any wire stripping job. 

Designed to strip the outside insulation quickly and effortlessly off scrap electrical wire (sized 14 AWG – 4/0 & 10 –14 AWG NM Cable), you will spend less time manually stripping wires while also making more money on the copper by pre-stripping the jacket before taking it in for recycling.

Mfg. Note: Drill not included.

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  • DOUBLE YOUR MONEY – By using this wire stripper you can ensure you will be getting top dollar for your scrap wire. Instead of settling for less money or spending all day stripping the wire by hand, you can get up to double the price per pound of stripped copper wire with a fraction of the effort just by stripping the wire yourself. 
  • DRILL POWERED – Completely powered by any standard drill, you don’t have to worry about motor maintenance or having your wire stripping machine break down at an inconvenient time. All you need is the Wire Peeler and your drill to start automatically stripping wire. 
  • AUTOMATIC – Because of its drill-operated design, the Wire Peeler is much easier to work with than a manual hand-crank wire stripping machine or utility knife, all while being safer, faster, and more reliable. Comfortably process hundreds of feet of wire without breaking a sweat. 
  • EFFICIENT – Stripping scrap wire can be an all-day job if done manually. With this wire stripping machine, you can turn that into almost no time at all, saving you countless hours and making you more money. 
  • ADJUSTABLE – Strip sizes 14 AWG – 4/0 and 10 –14 AWG NM Cable with ease by making simple adjustments to the wire guide. Larger cable sizes such as 4/0 and 3/0 can be stripped by removing the wire guide and feeding the copper wire into the gears. 

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How to use: 

  1. Mount the Wire Peeler to a secure surface using the 4 fasteners and holes in the base. 
  2. Tighten your drill on the chuck located on the side of the Wire Peeler, ensuring the handle of the drill faces the back of the machine. 
  3. Make sure your drill is set to low speed. 
  4. Adjust the black wire guide to use the appropriate hole for the wire size you are stripping. 
  5. For larger cables (3/0, 4/0), remove the black wire guide and feed the wire directly into the gears. 
  6. Lower the blade using the knob at the top until it touches the wire. Remove the wire and lower the blade one more complete turn. 
  7. Insert the wire and turn on your drill. The wire will be pulled in by the gears and automatically stripped. 
  8. If you are trying to strip a long piece of wire, we recommend setting it up and testing on a shorter piece to make sure the blade is lowered to the right level. 

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