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Wire Peeler

Portable drill operated scrap wire stripper

The Wire Peeler is a portable, drill-operated automatic wire stripper for recycling your scrap copper and aluminum wire. Lightweight and convenient to carry, you can mount this automatic wire stripper to a workbench or table in any setting. The motorized design and hardened blade built of durable, high-quality materials make light work of any wire stripping job. 

Designed to strip the outside insulation quickly and effortlessly off scrap electrical wire (sized 14 AWG – 4/0 & 10 –14 AWG NM Cable), you will spend less time manually stripping wires while also making more money on the copper by pre-stripping the jacket before taking it in for recycling.

Replacement blade included. For extra blades, please order Part# 47020B2.

Mfg. Note: Drill not included.

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Rack-A-Tiers Wire Peeler! Such a simple yet effective drill operated wire stripper! If you strip a lot of copper, this easily pays for itself 💪🏽


Smartest purchase of any tools, best wire stripper hands down!!!!! Stripped 4 1/2’ of 12 awg in less then 13 seconds. #rackatierstools


Wire Peeler Spec Sheet

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