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Category:Hex Bits

Double-Ended Hex Bit

The only one-piece hex bit with a 5/16” and 1/4" hex drive

The first ever one-piece double-sided hex bit on the market. With the two most common bit sizes on either end (5/16”, yellow & 1/4”, red), this dual bit makes life easier for electricians, HVAC installers, and appliance repair techs. 

The Double-Sided Hex Bit is perfect for repairing, installing, and removing: 

  • Electrical boxes and contactors 
  • HVAC equipment and ductwork 
  • Washers, driers, dishwashers, and other major appliances 

The 4” length makes this hex bit easy to find and carry and harder to lose than smaller, individual bits of each size. Made of steel and containing and strong magnet, this bit is strong, reliable, and convenient to use. 

Mfg. Note: Only to be used on standard chuck power drills. Will not work on quick change drill chucks. 

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SAVES TIME – No more fumbling through a tool bin looking for tiny hex bits. The Double-Sided Hex Bit has the two bits you need most in one, and in a size that makes it hard to lose while still being portable. With both bits in one piece, you never have to worry about climbing a ladder and realizing you forgot a bit. 

CONVENIENT – This hex bit is color coded for easy deciphering. You know exactly which bit you’re using with just a glance. When it’s time to use the other size, simply turn the bit around and you’re good to go. Plus, to prevent the annoyance of dropping or losing screws, this double-ended bit contains a strong magnet to hold screws firmly in place. 

More Information

How to use: 

Insert the Double-Sided Hex Bit into the drill with the size you want to use facing out and tighten the chuck. To change to the other size, untighten the chuck, flip the bit around, and retighten. 

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