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Ladder Mate

Ladder caddy tool and accessories tray

Ladder Mate is a tool and accessory tray that attaches to A-frame step ladders to hold your tools, fittings, fasteners, and more. This ladder caddy saves you from having to go up and down your ladder every time you need to grab a tool. Simply load up your Ladder Mate, attach it to your ladder, and finish your job without ever having to climb down. Keep all your tools within arm’s reach – and even leave your toolbelt in the van!  

Ladder Mate makes any ladder work easier. With features like a drill holder, tool slots, paint can indentations, and even a built-in measuring guide, this ladder tool holder does it all. The molded slots can be separated using the included dividers to keep you organized and working efficiently. 

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This @rackatierstools ladder mater is pretty sweet! I love the dividers that come with it! Made doing some resi work way easier!


Honestly I find it convenient. It allows us not to run out of materials and we find everything easily because it is well organized.


The @rackatierstools Ladder Mate is my goto 99% of the time! I have no idea how I lived without it before.


Really liking the ladder mate by @rackatierstools. Easy set up to make an easy job, has removable dividers to help organize material. I would recommend this to anyone who will be spending a nice amount of time on a ladder regardless of the trade.


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