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Phase Tape Measure

Phase Color Coded Electrician’s Tape Measure

The Phase Tape Measure is a color-coded tape measure designed for electricians, by electricians. This measuring tape is labeled with black, red, and blue numbers as a quick reference when working with multiple phases. Having a built-in 3-phase wire color guide on hand means you’re never left trying to remember what phase color a certain circuit is.

This measuring tape has every feature you need to work more efficiently. The magnetic double-ended hook is a game-changer. This design lets you securely hook on to EMT conduit, wood, strut, pipe and more. You don’t need someone else to hold the end of the measuring tape, making solo work easier.

Phase Tape Measure has a wide double-sided blade that makes overhead measurements more practical. No more squinting at tiny numbers trying to make out the measurements. This is the perfect tool for reaching those tricky spots with its 25’ length and 11.5’ standout.

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