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Wire Tub

Wire dispensing lazy susan for wire coils

Dispense and rewind wire coils with the Wire Tub. This spinning wire dispenser rotates like a Lazy Susan to smoothly dispense wire in all directions. Use the lid and handle to rewind over-runs and save excess wire. Easily pull as much cable as you need through the Wire Tub coil dispenser and rewind the rest for future use.  

Wire Tub is simple to use. Just place your coil in the tub, pull the end of the coil through the side hole, and start dispensing. This wire coil dispenser doesn’t need to be hung or mounted, allowing you to start working sooner. 

With a 360-degree feed that adjusts direction automatically, you won’t have to waste time turning the Wire Tub when you need to pull wire. The side-hole and Lazy Susan design deliver smooth, tangle-free wire dispensing 

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