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Dirt Bag

Magnetic metal shaving catcher bag for drilling

The Dirt Bag clings to metal surfaces to catch all debris when drilling. Using rare earth magnets, the Dirt Bag attracts and catches metal shavings in a pouch made of fiberglass cloth. Prevent dangerous metal chips from landing in your electrical panels with this easy-to-use magnetic chip collector. 

Every electrician has tried to hold a cardboard box in the panel with one hand while drilling with the other. This is unsafe, and awkward, and will never catch every metal chip. Free up your other hand with this magnetic chip collector so you can steady the drill for precise cuts instead of trying to catch shavings. 

The removable magnet slot makes it easy to dispose of metal shavings inside the bag. Just slide the magnet out and dump the shavings. This is a fast and efficient way to ensure your electrical panel stays clean and organized, saving you clean-up time. 

Mfg Note: Not to be used on live panels.

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