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7 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Electricians in 2023

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Andrew Kirves
Posted on 25th May 2023

Gifts for Electricians

Father’s Day is coming up fast and if you’re like me you want to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. Maybe you’re wary of cliche gift cards, maybe he’s the dad who has everything, or maybe you’re just tired of buying him socks and ties. Is your father a hardworking electrician? He deserves something that he will use and will make his job a little bit easier. Where do you start? Fear no more, Rack-A-Tiers has you covered with the perfect gifts for electricians. Let’s look at some of the top contenders for Father’s Day this year. 

Stud Ball Magnetic Stud Finder

Red Stud Ball Magnetic Stud Finder made by Rack-A-Tiers with a round magnet held in someone’s hand.First up, let’s look at the Stud Ball Magnetic Stud Finder. This is a must have tool for home and an awesome pocket tool for electricians. It’s a super strong magnet on a finger lanyard. It’s designed to find nails or screws in wall studs behind almost any material like drywall or tile. Normally this process is slow and tedious, but the Stud Ball saves time and energy. Your dad can even use it to catch metal shavings. This is a great gift for electricians that do a lot of residential work, whether service calls or new construction. The Stud Ball has solid construction, plus over a thousand great reviews on Amazon and Rack-A-Tier’s site.  

Check out the Stud Ball

Sharp Pog Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener

the Rack-A-Tiers sharp pog sharpening a multi-tool bladeNext up is the Sharp Pog. This is a unique tool gift your dad could use. Many electricians use an oscillating tool for making precision cuts, but the blades the tool uses dull quickly. The Sharp Pog is a small tool for sharpening those blades. You attach it to a drill and spin it, and then press the blade against the sharpening tines, cutting the worn-out serrations back into the blade. I have had plenty of times I could’ve used this nifty blade sharpener in the past. It’s designed to save your electrician dad money and time buying new blades.  

Check out the Sharp Pog

Staple Shark

One of my favorite tools is the Staple Shark. This small steel bar is designed with the residential electrician in mind. It holds wire staples safely for driving into wood, it removes old staples when demoing old wiring, and can even pull nails with the pry bar end. I have personally wished for a tool like this countless times. Wire staples can be a huge pain to install and who wants to risk damaging wires when removing staples? Save your dad some heartache and get him a Staple Shark, a must have tool for electricians.  

Check out the Staple Shark

Bend-All Cable Bender

Another personal favorite is the Bend-All. This small block of machined aluminum has two small posts and is meant for helping your electrician dad bend large wires in tight spaces. Electricians often pull large wires, especially those in the industrial sector. The Bend-All helps gain leverage on that large, stubborn wire that will otherwise put a strain on the body. It’s a widely loved and well-reviewed tool and solves a problem that has existed for years. Developed as a small alternative to a larger tool already on the market, it’s a perfect Father’s Day gift for your electrician dad.  

Check out the Bend-All

Kick Wedge

The next gadget to consider is the Kick Wedge. This unique tool gift is perfect for commercial and industrial electricians. It’s geared toward those that bend a lot of conduit and is a good match for a young electrician learning the ropes. It’s simple to use, lightweight, easy to store, and makes leveling out conduit bends a breeze. Conduit bending can require a lot of bending over or working on the floor, and the Kick Wedge helps here too by getting the conduit off the ground and easier to manage and measure. The Kick Wedge is a great Father’s Day gift for the man who has everything.

Check out the Kick Wedge

Clip Whacker

Moving on, we arrive at the Clip Whacker. A simple name for a simple tool that fixes a simple problem. Industrial and commercial electricians often must drive clips onto beams or columns. These clips are known for being stiff and difficult to hold and drive on, much like wire staples. The Clip Whacker is a unique tool with a magnet and fingers built for holding these clips. It gives the electrician a place to hammer and lessens the risk of injured hands. The Clip Whacker is a hot new gadget for which your electrician dad will thank you.  

Check out the Clip Whacker

SolderM8 Soldering Clip

Finally, a gift for the dad who has everything, the SolderM8. This small, sturdy tool is used for connecting LED light strips to wires or other light strips. Electricians occasionally need to solder connections, which is like welding but on a much smaller scale. Soldering requires both hands, and a tool for holding the material to be soldered is a must. If your dad works on appliances or lights or does a lot of residential work, this small tool is a perfect gift. The SolderM8 is well-reviewed on Amazon and Rack-A-Tier’s website.  

Check out the SolderM8

Gifts for Electricians

If these different items are overwhelming, don’t worry. If you’re unsure which option to choose, ask your electrician dad what kind of work he does. Industrial work, like in factories and power plants, is a different ballgame than commercial and residential work and calls for different specialty tools. Asking him will help you narrow down your selection and give him a valuable gift. Don’t forget to browse Rack-A-Tiers’ website for other good gifts for electricians. Regardless of your choice, the electrician dad in your life will thank you for thinking of him.  

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